When we feel helpless…

I haven’t blogged in a while…and rarely reblog, but this post struck home. I shared yesterday w/my daughter, on her 19th birthday. Maybe that is why this is hitting home…We can do something!

Grace Notes from the Chair Behind the Pulpit

Who can say why or when an issue will touch a chord deeply within us?  Certainly not me. Who can explain why one issue gets kicked up a notch and into the global consciousness and not another?  Again, not me.  But something about the issue of 200+ girls, ages 15-18, being kidnapped from their school dormitories in Nigeria has done just that.  (And, yesterday, another group of girls was kidnapped, even younger.)  If you don’t know this story, you should.  If you want to know why it matters to you, check this out.

Maybe it’s the upcoming Mother’s Day that caused this to run deep within my soul.  I grieve with those mothers whose children have been stolen and are being sold as child brides for the equivalent of $12.  TWELVE DOLLARS???  That’s what a girl’s future is worth on the African market?  I grieve with the mothers whose…

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