“Humility, self-esteem, therapy, finding own wisdom and purpose.”

You are other, greater than, known and yet unknown. You are God, beyond the pale. You are God, Creator, of all, all within and beyond the world I know. And you are God, my creator. I marvel at the the breadth, at the beyond limits of your creation, and at the specific. Me, created by You.

As I am Yours, created by You, claimed by You, I can not be less than You call me to be. To be less is to deny Your creation. Yet, limited by my humanity, I can only strive to be…I can never achieve all there is, I can never claim every moment, every opportunity. I can only be me, as I can be me, in the moment, responding to the love in You.

So, I step – sometimes hesitantly, sometimes with great conviction – on the journey, on the path of Your creation. And with each step I discover me, in relation to You.

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